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Version 8.4.1  of FiverrScript has just been released! Fiverr Clone / Fiverr Script / Fiverr Script is the best Fiverr Clone! Get a Fiverr Clone Script!

Note: The script doesn't come with any content | Notice: We don't sell any unlimited domain license or re-sale rights to anyone.

Start Your Own Responsive Micro Jobs Website Today!

Create your own highly profitable micro jobs website today using Fiverr Script.

PayPal Payment Gateway

Buyers can pay using paypal for gigs and to feature gigs.

Alertpay/Payza Payment Gateway

Buyers can pay for gigs and to feature gigs using Payza (formerly Alertpay)

Responsive Design

Our PHP Fiverr Clone Script is fully responsive!


FiverrScript allows the Admin to select among the 24 paypal currencies and the 23 Alertpay/Payza currencies. [Learn how it works]


Unlimited new languages can be added to Fiverr Script, the #1 Fiverr Clone. [Learn how it works]


WYSIWYG editor for gig descriptions to allow some formatting of descriptions.

New Advanced Notification System Added!

Menu Link With Notifications

The main menu now has a link which pops up a box that lists the last 10 notifications.

New Order Notification

Seller is now notified of a new order when the buyer submits the requirements.

Feedback Notification

Seller is now notified once the buyer leaves feedback on an order.

Cancelation Notifications

Buyers and sellers are now notified of any cancelation requests.

View All Notifications

A separate page has been added to Fiverr Script which lists all notifications.

[Learn More About The Notification System]

Job Statistics Bar

Top Rated Seller

Admins can now set the feedback amount and percentage needed for a seller to be marked as top rated!

Job Rating Bar

Country Flags

The flag of each member's country is shown next to their username on job listings. [See It On The Demo]

Block E-Mail Address And Website URL

Users are now prevented from sending each other e-mail addresses (user@domain.com) and website url's in conversation messages.
[See It On The Demo]

Order Multiple Items

Sellers can now allow their jobs to be ordered multiple times!
Saves the buyer a lot or work and increases your website revenue.

[See It On The Demo]

Express Jobs

Jobs that are delivered in 24 hours are showcased on the website as Express!
[See It On The Demo]

Job Levels

With the job levels system users can progress through various levels based on their rating and number of gigs delivered on time to buyers.
[See It On The Demo] [More Info]

Pay to Feature Jobs

Earn more money by letting sellers pay you to feature their jobs on FiverrScript for admin controllable periods of time.
[See It On The Demo]

Currency Placement

Display the currency before of after the price using a simple setting.

Launch Mode

Set pre-launch, private launch and launched modes on your fiverrscript website
about launch mode

New FiverrScript Homepage Design!

The breathtaking new design is also available on many fiverrscript pages.

Custom Order Module *NEW*

Allows sellers to create custom orders for individual buyers Adds an entire new stream of revenue for your fiverrscript website.
Learn More Buy Now!

Amazon S3 Module *NEW*

Stores uploaded file attachments to an amazon s3 server to reduce the bandwidth and load on your web server.
Learn More Buy Now!

Gig Extras Module / Job Extras Module

Allow your sellers to add extra items to their Jobs. Increases your website revenue by as more commission can be made.
Learn More Buy Now!

Instant Delivery Module

Allow sellers to upload a file or specify a url when creating a job. When a buyer purchases this job it is then instantly delivered to them with no action needed by the seller.
Learn More Buy Now!

Youtube Video Module

Allow users to play youtube.com videos directly on your website now using the youtube video module!
Learn More Buy Now!

Shipping Module

Allow your sellers to add shipping costs to their jobs using the highly requested shipping module for Fiverr Script. Drastically increase your website revenue by using the shipping module to earn more commission.
Learn More Buy Now!

Local Bank Payments Module

Allow you to let users pay for gigs using a local bank transfer/payment You then verify you received the payment in your bank and approve the order.
Learn More Buy Now!

List View / Grid View

Option to Switch Between List View and Grid View on Homepage!

Why Use Fiverr Script?

Fiverr Script is the most advanced micro jobs script loaded with features needed to create a successful fiverr clone / micro jobs website.

Responsive Design

Fully responsive to mobile devices.

Flexible Prices

Admin can set one price, set multiple prices or allow users to set their own price.

Attach Files

File attachment system for orders and messages.


Multiple language system supporting unlimited languages.


Paypal and Alertpay/Payza payment gateways integrated fully.

Support Staff

Fully supported by our knowledgeable staff! Updated often!


Facebook login integration - Facebook Connect!

Order Tracking

Advanced order tracking system for buyers and sellers!

Ban Words

Ban words in the admin panel!